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what am i doing at my computer…

It's the September 28th update. Happy September 28.
The Muscle Bros by artofguy
The Muscle Bros
The muscle bros forming up and ready for adventure.    
Nepeta tromped through a hall of the hive, standing through the doorway. “Equius, I've made an amaaazing discovery! Come down” she said, and continued. She reached the stairway, paused, and tumbled downstairs.

Equius's head flew up then. His twirling twist of hair flung out, then dangled onto his back. His teeth shook apart, and he turned around his room. His arm came up, one last rep.

Equius stepped downstairs, his rippling legs clad in black tights. He turned around at the bottom, polishing a rail knob.

“Come down more!” she said, and clambered down an elevator shaft. Equius walked the distance. He used the elevator. He tipped his head around, huffing air. Nepeta was finishing crawling down the wall as he was halfway down, and she darted beneath the perforated floor.

He walked through the thin metal doors. He found himself in some sort of lab in his hive. It was unusual to his eyes, but he remembered the room faintly from his plans. The room wafted incredibly.

“I've developed a brand new strain! The potency is off the charts!” she said, waving her sleeves.
“I've never seen anything like it! This is a whole new kind of catnip meow meow!”

“New catnip?” Equius flipped his head up. His arms shifted out, and he rustled.

“It took some weeks of crossbreeding, but the final mix just snapped together! I'm lucky I got it up!”

“The effects are just wild! I'm curious about some of the effects I could be seeing!” Her eyes went huge.

Nepeta straightened her pose, then continued.
“Mass-production is gearing up! Just a few more pods and I'm ready for the next phase!”

“Have you run tests?” Equius said, sweeping his hair.

“Just a few! But the live tests are going great, my customers are nuts for the stuff!”

“Customers? Nepeta, you're a drug dealer?” Equius burst backwards. He finished huffing, then moaned. He stepped backwards several steps, then moaned into the air.

His arms thrust around, breaking the walls. Silvery struts flew out. He continued his spinning chops, tearing out wires and panels. He smashed through the entrance doors, leaving a shaking nude elevator.

He made several steps inwards and continued twirling, smashing apart pods. “Those are the crappy pods, meow!” Nepeta said, leaping. Equius turned, breaking more pods with kicks and back shoves, then went down.

Two enormous, long dents were left in the floor. Exposed tubing and more wire was visible. Equius sat and huffed into the air. He stood up, bringing a river of ruined metal.

Nepeta hung from the ceiling. “This place is in the crapper, meow.” She toked onto her catnip, and used it. A big glow came onto her face, and she beamed.

Equius turned around. He charged across the lab, running past siderooms.  He hit the wall, shattering through.  It opened the path to cool Alternian air. He ran across a very short tunnel, then dropped. He fell off the cliff, heading towards the ground.

what am i doing at my computer


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